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Suns trade rumors: Phoenix may not make major deadline deal

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The NBA trade deadline is just over a day away and it appears less and less likely that the Suns will be a major player.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Suns have been at the center of a number of major rumors as the NBA trade deadline draws near, but fans hoping for change may end up disappointed. So far, the blockbuster deals have been mostly dismissed, meaning something completely unexpected would have to happen in the next day for Phoenix to make a splash.

The most persistent rumor recently has focused on the Hawks' Josh Smith moving west to the Suns. That doesn't seem likely to happen, as Phoenix won't be able to meet Atlanta's demands, according to Seth Pollack at Suns blog Bright Side of the Sun:

When the biggest names in the trade market are marginal stars making big dollars you'd expect the rumors to be both curious and contradictory. We've heard all about Josh Smith and before him Rudy Gay but now as the deadline gets closer it feels like the reality for Suns fan anxious for action is dwindling to a few minor moves unless you think the rumors involving Gortat to the OKC Thunder are worth anything.

Those rumors swirling about a deal with Oklahoma City involving Marcin Gortat and Kendrick Perkins popped up as teams convened in Houston for the All-Star Break, but those don't appear to be going anywhere either.

All that's left for now are the possibilities of Jermaine O'Neal and Sebastian Telfair being sent off, but they lack the blockbuster quality that the other deals possessed.

The Suns need to make some changes to return to contention, as Phoenix currently sits near the bottom of the NBA standings with an 18-36 record. It appears that Pheonix will have to wait for the summer to start rebuilding a struggling team.