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NBA power rankings 2013: Suns are in the league's cellar

The Phoenix Suns are among the worst teams in the NBA according to multiple NBA power rankings.


The Phoenix Suns are one of the more streaky teams in the league right now. But unfortunately, their losing streaks tend to last longer than their winning streaks, hence their current 11-21 record and their place in the bottom five of two NBA power rankings. has the Suns at No. 26, pointing out how they went on a four-game winning streak by shooting lights out from 3-point range and then followed it up with a five-game losing streak where their outside shot went cold. This team has to be able to shoot the ball well to be successful. When it shoots, it can compete. When it doesn't, it can't. It's pretty simple.

ESPN also ranked the Suns at No. 26 and brought up an interesting nugget. Since 1980-81, either the Suns or the Dallas Mavericks have been in the playoffs. This year is threatening to become the first where both teams don't make it as the Mavs aren't doing much better at 12-19.

The Los Angeles Clippers were No. 1 in both power rankings.