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BREAKING NEWS: Channing Frye Out For The Season

Suns forward Channing Frye will be sidelined for the next two months with an enlarged heart that was discovered during a team physical.

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This is a serious health situation, not an injury. During a routine screening during a pre-season physical it was discovered that Channing Frye has -- in medical terms a Dilated Cardiomyopathy -- an enlarged heart. Initially there was no timetable set for a return because there is not a standard that can be followed in terms basketball terms for this.

It was later reported by Paul Coro that he will miss the 2012-2013 season.

This past April Frye suffered a partially dislocated shoulder in which he was still recovering from today. That injury already drew questions to whether the sharp shooting forward would be available for the season opener.

Limiting the stress and strain on his heart and body is going to be key. Frye stated he will stay active in his rehab, mainly with yoga and golf. He is categorizing this as a "virus" so it has a good chance at going away for a full recovery.

The team will be monitoring this closely to ensure Frye does not return too early and his health is being put as the primary concern at this point. "Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our players," said Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby. "Channing and his family have the full support of our organization. His health is our primary concern and we are committed to helping him in any way he needs."

Nearly a year ago today during a routine physical for Jeff Green of the Celtics it surfaced he had an aortic aneurysm. That cost him the season

As of today he will not participate in basketball activities until at least December when he will be reevaluated again. Training Camp begins for the team on October 1st (in a little under two weeks), pre-season on October 10th in Sacramento, and the season tips off on October 31st at home against Golden State. Frye will miss all of those dates and more. This is a health situation, not an injury.

Frye has been with the Suns for the past three years after unimpressive stints with the Knicks and Trail Blazers. He found his nitch as a stretch-four knocking down three point shooter. His leadership and experience with other members of the team will be sorely missed from a leadership standpoint.

Last year Frye experienced his best all-around season in the NBA becoming a very reliable defender on top of his shooting prowess. Moving forward it will be expected of Markieff Morris and Jermaine O'Neal to pick up the slack for the loss in the post.

Looking at the depth on the roster today the absence of Frye creates a large void. Morris does a lot of what Frye can do, but is also still just a second year player learning the ropes. This loss makes the acquisition of O'Neal even more important as he is now the back-up center unless the team makes a move.

This is a tough blow to the team on and off the court, but the course of action is the most appropriate.

The same has happened in the past to Willie Cager of Texas El-Paso in 1965, and Hank Gathers passed away of a heart attack on the court due to a condition (exercise-induced venticular tachycardia) that was looked at with more caution from everyone around him.

Obviously the health of a player is the most important aspect of this evaluation and the team is taking the precautionary methods needed to ensure Frye is in the best position to return when healthy. With Aaron Nelson and this staff Frye is in the right hands.