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How Does The Phoenix Suns Roster Rank?

Let's be honest for a minute here, when P.J. Tucker wasn't listed as ESPN's NBA Rank entered the Top 100 we were all holding our breath, right? Maybe that was just me.

We all know who the best player in the NBA is, heck we are even smart enough as a collective group to put together a Top 10, but do we really need to know that Pablo Prigioni is No. 437? Thanks to NBA Rank we know that the 35 year old Argentinean rookie point guard for the New York Knicks who is 14 years older than San Antonio point guard Cory Joseph, but is apparently "21 players" better than him to start the season.

The Suns finished the rankings with three players in the Top 100 in Marcin Gortat (57), Luis Scola (68), and Goran Dragic (83). Interesting because the player expected to take a dip this season sans Steve Nash is Gortat -- the team's best player entering the year according to this.

Rookie Kendall Marshall (296) was 14th among rookies including Jonas Valanciunas, which is appropriate as he was the 13th overall pick in the draft.

Here is how the rest of the team shook out:

  • Jared Dudley - 140
  • Michael Beasley - 158
  • Channing Frye - 191
  • Shannon Brown - 235
  • Markieff Morris - 238
  • Wesley Johnson - 322
  • Sebastian Telfair - 369
  • Jermaine O'Neal - NA
  • P.J. Tucker - NA

If you take this serious the Suns are in the same group as Charlotte, Houston, Orlando, Toronto, and Washington in terms of sheer talent as the only teams without a Top 50 player on the roster. I could have told you that without a countdown from 500-1 though. If you want to feel better about the Suns roster go take a peek at Charlotte's. You're welcome.

So there is that. The team as seen by a panel of 104 experts determined this, but what do you think?