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Training Camp 2012: The Suns Look For A Leader In San Diego

Enjoy that ocean breeze guys, it could be a tough season back here in the desert. That is what the team will be doing in San Diego as they announced Training Camp will take place there for five days starting on October 2nd.

Other than a trip to Italy in 2006 -- not too shabby -- the Suns have trained in-state every year since 1986 splitting time between Flagstaff, Tucson, and Phoenix over the years. It is not a surprise that in 2009, 2010, and 2011 the team switched gears to train in San Diego with a few connections to the city in the organization.

Aside from the weather part-owner Jenny Craig has a facility in her name in San Diego and Jared Dudley is from there. So Duds can show the newbies on the team all the good eats along the coast and keep an eye on everyone.

This is Duds time to shine. Everyone respects him, likes him, and knows what he brings to the table out here in Phoenix, but this is a new team without an established leader. Is that Dudley? They will be in his hometown, which can be a pretty fun spot when you have a tour guide. With all these young guys Duds better be up to being a leader and a baby-sitter.

I like the idea of getting out of town away from the fans, distractions, families (in most cases), and just focusing on work. San Diego isn't as remote as Flagstaff or Tucson, but it should do the job for the Suns as they get ready for pre-season action.

Do you like the idea of the Suns going out of state for training camp?