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Reactions To The Steve Nash Sign And Trade

The news of the sign and trade of Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers was shocking to a lot of people -- fans and media alike. Here at SB Nation Arizona, one thing that we pride ourselves in is having a staff of writers that are also local fans. So here are some of the initial reactions from some of our staff.

Scott Coleman:As a Suns follower throughout the years, Steve Nash was the ultimate draw to the team. He was the epitome of the kind of player you wanted at the head of your franchise, and he made everyone around him better. Nash's work in Phoenix and the surrounding communities was so great that I would have supported him wherever he went with the exception of one team.

That one team would just happen to be the Lakers.

Now, whenever Nash arrives in U.S. Airways Center, I'll be forced to boo. Not because of the name on the back of his jersey, but rather the name on the front of it. It's a tough dilemma for me as a fan, but at the end of the day I support my team over a player, regardless of what he meant to the franchise.

Justin Burning:

I never expected Nash to be back with the Suns. It's a little surprising that he chose the Lakers, considering his pre-trade comments and his personal playing history against them, but I ultimately don't fault Nash or the Suns brass. Two late first round picks are better than nothing at all, though I'd rather have Shumpert.

Seth Pollack:

My thoughts are pretty clear...he is a traitor.

Shaun Alshatti:

Honestly, I'm too furious to even think straight right now. Seriously, the Lakers? I was prepared to support Steve wherever he went, but I can't support this. Regardless of whatever justification he gives, this is a complete stab in the back. Just another notch in what was already a one-sided rivalry polluted by heartache and unequivocal smugness. It seems blasphemous to say, but I wouldn't be surprised if the boo birds were out in full force when Steve returns to Phoenix wearing the purple and gold.

Tyler Nickel:

I am, as a fan, beyond upset about Nash heading to L.A. But as a rational thinker, it actually makes a bit of sense. It's time for the Suns to move in a direction to where they can rebuild. Re-signing Nash would not have helped them in that endeavor. Sure, letting him go to the hated Lakers is very painful right now, but at least he gets to chase a championship and get compensated fairly for it. The sting is temporary and if the Suns can somehow land Eric Gordon, they will have a nice team to build upon for the future.


As a fan, my allegiance lies more with the team than with the player. As such, Nash is the enemy. Since he is on the team I hate the most, I can wish no good thing. As for the team...I can't believe that the front office would trade him to the Lakers. I get that the picks could be good and that the deal is more than what was ever offered before this offseason, and in the end some of these picks may help land Eric Gordon (pure speculation), but it is not something I like to swallow. I like Nash and he has been my favorite player for years. But now, I wish for the team to fall apart, for him to be less effective and for the Lakers to fail. The fact that the Suns now have draft picks riding on it makes rooting against them even more satisfying.

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