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Goran Dragic To Suns Is Irony at Its Finest

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The Phoenix Suns have let Steve Nash part. They actually facilitated it with a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, to replace him, they already drafted Kendall Marshall and now have agreed to a four-year contract with Goran Dragic reportedly worth $34 million.

Goran Dragic? Yes, the guy the Suns traded away two seasons ago along with a first round draft pick to get Aaron Brooks, who played for Phoenix for half a season.

When Dragic was originally drafted in the second round by the Spurs and traded immediately to the Suns in the days of Steve Kerr being general manager, they foresaw a player who would learn under Nash, back him up and then be ready to take the reigns the day Steve Nash left or retired.

There were growing pains, but there were flashes. Finally, two seasons ago, the team had seen enough. They gave up on him or felt that he needed somewhere different. As noted in the report following his trade to the Houston Rockets, "(Lon) Babby and General Manager Lance Blanks did not envision Dragic as the Suns future point guard."

Funny how things change.

Now the Suns are back where they thought they were four years ago, with Goran Dragic being the next starting point guard. He started 28 games in Houston last season, averaging 18.0 points a game and 8.4 assists on 49 percent shooting, including 38 percent on three-pointers.

Dragic will take over as the starting point guard for Phoenix, but will do so with a very different team. It will be without Nash or Grant Hill. It could be with Eric Gordon and it will be Michael Beasley.

I guess Babby and Blanks get to eat crow. At least they didn't let their pride get in the way.

Dragic is the perfect case of why a team should not give up quickly on young developing players. Had Phoenix been a little more patient, they could have had Dragic and another young player they drafted a year ago paired with Markieff Morris.

Then again, they perhaps would not have gotten the draft picks they will now have as a result of trading Steve Nash to the Lakers. But it is really hard to speculate how things exactly would have turned out if things had been different.

But one thing is certain. You can't help but notice the irony that the player who was supposed to one day take over for Nash is getting a pretty big contract, even though the team that "drafted" him gave up on him and sent him away to acquire a player who wasn't even in the league last season.

I guess all in the universe is right again. Goran Dragic is the Suns' new point guard -- just how Steve Kerr originally planned it.

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