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Goran Dragic Rumors: Phoenix Suns Offer Former PG, Raymond Felton Likely Next On List

Suddenly, there's an opening for the Phoenix Suns starting point guard position. Could Goran Dragic be the one who fills in the hole that Steve Nash has left in Arizona?

The Suns appear to be in hot pursuit now of Dragic, and made him an offer that is reasonable while not breaking the bank. John Cambaro (who broke the original Nash trade story) had this to say on how the Suns are approaching Dragic.

Dragic is becoming a hot commodity, so it's likely Phoenix might see Houston match backor give hims omething higher.

There might even be a backup option in case the Rockets make a bigger offer for him in Raymond Felton. With Felton, If they do get Felton, the Suns are getting a point guard coming off perhaps the worst season of his professional career, but they also get a guard who's more than capable of taking off weight and a top-notch training staff that should ensure Felton returns to his regular physical form.

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