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Steve Nash Rumors: Knicks, Suns Working On Sign-And-Trade Deal, According To Report

According to a report from New York Knicks beat writer Alan Hahn, free agent point guard Steve Nash is favoring the New York Knicks, while both the Knicks and the Phoenix Suns are trying to hash out the details of a sign-and-trade deal that would send Nash to the big apple, but who for is still unknown.

New York is said to be Nash's top choice for a new team, but the fact that a trade with the Suns could be very complicated and the Knicks are a bit hesitant to give up a player like Iman Shumpert, Hahn is also reporting that the Toronto Raptors remain a team that Nash could end up with as well, though New York is putting in the most effort to get the perennial All-Star.

With the Suns signing Eric Gordon it's obvious that they are ready to move on with out Nash, but you never really know with the NBA.

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