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Sebastian Telfair Ready To Lead The Suns? I Think Not

The Phoenix Suns may be looking for a new point guard to man their backcourt next year. It seems that the end of an era is near, as Steve Nash has yet to receive any formal offers from the Suns and all indicators point to him heading elsewhere to finish up his long and illustrious career.

That leaves Suns fans with a really big question: Who will fill his spot? The team just drafted Kendall Marshall, a terrific passer under Roy Williams at North Carolina. But he's just a rookie. A bench role would suit him much better. The Suns have also been in contact with a couple free agents, including former Suns fan favorite, Goran Dragic. But there is no guarantee that they can work a deal out.

Fear not, everyone. The Suns can stop right where they are. The point guard they are looking for is already on the roster. Sebastian Telfair feels as if he is ready to lead this franchise to some much needed victories in 2012-13.

Via Craig Grialou of, Telfair told the media that whether or not Nash leaves, he will still be ready for a more prominent role next season.

"Steve here, or if it's another guard here, I think my role here is going to be huge: back up point guard, starting point guard," said Telfair. "It means a lot at that position as far as what you do for the team to be successful."

Since Nash's arrival, the Suns have been a team that focuses highly upon what the point guard position has been able to produce. The problem is, when Nash comes out of the game or gets injured, his backups are unable to sustain that type of production. It's just simply hard to do.

The pick and rolls, the superb ball-handling skills, all of it requires a floor general that has a unique skillset. The only way the Suns have been able to function for the past couple of years is through Nash's playmaking ability. Without him, Marcin Gortat would not score 15 points per game and Channing Frye would not get the type of open looks from beyond the arc that he is accustomed to seeing.

Sure, the offense would make a dramatic shift without Steve here. It would have to. But is Bassy the guy that is even capable of running this team? His passing skills are adequate and his turnover rate is respectable, but the game just never seemed to flow right when he was on the floor. He isn't the pass first point guard that this club was built around.

It will be a difficult task in trying to replace a legend, there is no doubting that. And if Telfair is the guy, he will not be asked to fill Nash's shoes. But if the Suns want to have any semblance of success, they would be wise in looking elsewhere to find their point of the future.

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