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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Dallas Mavericks To Pursue Steve Nash, Goran Dragic

Phoenix Suns free agent point guard Steve Nash still doesn't know where he's going to end up, although one suitor is probably gone now that the Brooklyn Nets have signed Deron Williams to a pretty huge contract. So there are other teams that might go after him, particularly his old team the Dallas Mavericks.

It might not just be Nash who gets an offer from Dallas. Goran Dragic, who is also being targeted by Phoenix, might get a look from the Mavericks. Sam Amick reported the following on Sulia.

  • Unrestricted free agent point guard Goran Dragic is now hoping for a nice payday from Dallas after the Mavs whiffed on Williams.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Mavs aren't as high on Dragic as other teams though, so Phoenix might just decide to look elsewhere if the right deal isn't out there.

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