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Steve Nash Rumors: New York Knicks Sign-And-Trade Unlikely With Raptors Offer Sheet To Landry Fields

The New York Knicks were among the top suitors this offseason to try and get Steve Nash to commit to them. However, their cap space is pretty limited, which restricts the type of moves they could end up making besides the mid-level exception. New York would probably have to get a little creative to get Nash more money.

However, the Toronto Raptors (who should have plenty of money) executed a pretty nifty move in free agency that might have thwarted the best efforts of the Knicks to bring Nash back. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated talks about how the signing of Landry Fields impacts how New York can try and approach Nash.

The Raptors took their already-aggressive push to land free-agent point guard Steve Nash to the next level Tuesday, agreeing to an offer sheet with Knicks restricted free agent shooting guard Landry Fields. The offer is for about $20 million over three years.

Beyond Toronto's desire to add the 24-year-old Fields to its backcourt, sources say the move was intended to keep New York from nabbing Nash. The Knicks were known to be considering sign-and-trade options involving Fields and Nash's former team, the Suns, as a way to pay Nash more than the $3 million mid-level exception. But because of the Raptors' offer sheet, the Knicks can no longer use Fields in such a scenario. New York will now have three days to match the offer after Fields signs it on July 11. If the Knicks match, they lose the option to trade Fields.

Of course, the Raptors are spending a lot of money to bring in a 39 year old point guard and one of the more underwhelming small forwards in the league. So it's hard to say whether this is good or bad for New York that Toronto is steering them away from Nash, because at some point the Knicks will go after him.

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