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Steve Nash Not Getting Killed For (Likely) Following The Money, And That's Ok

With all sorts of rumors going around as to the future destination of Steve Nash, it seems more and more likely he will not be a member of the Phoenix Suns this coming season. While a report of a lowball, two-year $12 million contract offer from the Phoenix Suns was refuted, there has been interest from several teams, including a crazy three-year, $36 million dollar deal from the Toronto Raptors.

Other teams involved include the New York Knicks and the Dallas Mavericks. We know the interest the Suns have in having him return. But the common thread among the early rumors are that they are teams not considered to be contenders for a championship.

As of yet, there have been no connections with the Miami Heat or other potential championship-caliber teams.

What there has been talk of is money -- and a lot of it. Nash has come out and said that money will be a consideration.

The crazy thing? He seems to be immune to the criticism that players get for chasing the best money late in their career, rather than looking for a ring.

Maybe it is because of how he handled his stay with the Suns, refusing to ask to be traded when he could have. Maybe it is the multiple MVP awards or maybe because he is white. I don't know.

But in the end, it is hard to fault him. The difference in the money he could get from a contender and a team looking to contend is huge. He could make $12 million a year in Toronto. In Miami, it would be significantly less.

Plus, there is no guarantee of winning a ring, even if he went to Miami or Chicago or San Antonio or wherever. A ring is not guaranteed. Just ask Karl Malone and Gary Payton, who tried to coattail their way to a ring with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. NBA money is.

It would be very disappointing to play a season getting underpaid and not reach the goal of a title. If you play for a team that is fun, potentially competitive, make the playoffs and get paid a ton, there is not near the disappointment.

What will end up happening? I think that Nash takes his time. But this is going to play out daily in the news and rumors and social media until that decision is made.

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