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Robin Lopez, Hakim Warrick Trade Still On Hold, But Chances Reportedly Improving

The proposed three-team trade that involves the Phoenix Suns, New Orleans Hornets and Minnesota Timberwolves still is sitting in limbo. The move that would bring a draft pick and Wesley Johnson to the Suns hit some hangups with league rules. Bright Side of the Sun previously explained that the holdup was based in the salary cap situation of the Hornets.

However, in a tweet from reporter Paul Coro, it appears that the likelihood of the trade been completed has increased.

Ever since the trade was first rumored, Suns fans have been thrilled with the idea of moving Hakim Warrick's contract and also Lopez. For those fans, this report is good news.

Will it actually happen? We will know soon enough.

You can get more Suns coverage at Bright Side of the Sun.

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