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Phoenix Suns Change Team President Again As Brad Casper Resigns

The Phoenix Suns are undergoing major changes on the court, and apparently are doing so off the court as well. Last September, Rick Welts resigned from the team after he had run the business side of things for nine years. On Thursday, Brad Casper, who took over for Welts, also resigned, deciding to focus on other business ventures.

"I enjoyed my time with the Suns," said Casper in a statement released by the Suns. "It was a wonderful opportunity for me, but ultimately serving the Suns while continuing to juggle a portfolio of other business interests became too much. I'm grateful to have worked with so many gifted professionals and I look forward to cheering on the team next season."

Replacing him will be COO Jason Rowley. Rowley became COO in 2011 after four seasons as the Suns' Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

Now, naturally this change so quickly after Welts left abruptly will bring speculation again about how Robert Sarver is difficult to work for. Before that actually goes around, it is very important to note what Casper was already doing outside the team. He has been the Executive Chairman of a Dallas-based sports nutrition company since March 2011 and serves on the Board of Directors of Grand Canyon University.

That is a lot to have on one's plate and setting aside a third job/responsibility is understandable, no matter what the reason is.

It is fitting that there is more change within the Suns' organization. They are trying to "usher in a new era" on the court. Some change in the front office could go right along with that.

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