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Grant Hill, Phoenix Suns Show Their True Colors In Split

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The split between the Phoenix Suns and Grant Hill was odd. Hill said he wanted to be back. The team said they wanted him back. But then he ended up with the Los Angeles Clippers. Strange, right?

At first, it seemed just weird because the Clippers didn't seem to be on anyone's radar. They apparently weren't on Hill's radar either. "I'll say this, as of June 30 I wasn't necessarily thinking of leaving Phoenix and I wasn't necessarily thinking about the Clippers," Hill stated in a radio interview on Friday.

What it really came down to was money and the length of contract.

Phoenix reportedly only offered Hill a one-year veteran-minimum offer worth $1.35 million.

He signed a two-year, $4 million deal with the Clippers.

Essentially each side said this:

The Suns: "We want you back, but since you're old and coming off an injury, we don't want for long and don't expect you to contribute much. You'd be somewhat of a symbol on the team. Plus, you've made millions. "

Grant Hill: "I want to be back in Phoenix, but I want my money still and I want a multi-year deal."

Phoenix didn't want him past this season. That is clear. Hill wanted two.

Hill, who loves the team, the training staff and has his family here, decided for $650,000 to skip town, even though he has made over $140 million in his career.

The Suns, for $650,000, allowed one of the faces of the franchise and the perfect guy to mentor the young new players like Michael Beasley to walk away.

That's the kicker. You'd have to think that the Suns would have anted up the extra $650,000 for one year.

The Suns want to transition more than they want to keep one of the best men in the NBA. Hill wants more money and security more than he wants to stay with the team he enjoys, or more than he wants to either stay near his family or more than keeping them in the same place.

In the end, it's not surprising. But it is a little sad. It just shows that when people say something like they want to stay or want someone to stay, it's only up to the point where it's most convenient. But, that's how life is anyway.

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