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Phoenix Suns Offseason: O.J. Mayo Picks Dallas Mavericks, Wanted Too Much Money From Phoenix

O.J. Mayo is headed to the Dallas Mavericks. He tweeted the news earlier today.

Mayo really helps out Dallas in easing the losses of this offseason, and with a new core of Darren Collison, Dahntay Jones, Chris Kaman, Elton Brand and Mayo, the Mavericks should have plenty of pieces around Dirk Nowitzki to contend in the playoffs once again.

It appeared that the biggest impediment toward Phoenix landing Mayo was (what else?) money. Mayo wanted a lot, the Suns weren't willing to give him that much.

It was wise for Phoenix not to break the bank on a guard that still has yet to tap into his vast potential. In his fourth season in the league, Mayo's production remained static, while his shooting remained pretty mediocre at 40% from the field. Not really a guy you break the bank to sign in the offseason.

Phoenix continues their hunt for a shooting guard, a position where they are still seriously deficient.

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