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Phoenix Suns Consider Making A Bid For Amnestied Forward Elton Brand

The Phoenix Suns have had very little go right this offseason. After losing a franchise player in Steve Nash and likely losing out on Eric Gordon to the Hornet, they are reportedly considering a bid for amnestied forward Elton Brand. While he would likely provide a boost to the Suns' front court, many feel he is destined to head to the Dallas Mavericks should they offer him.

Here's the latest from David Aldridge of

League sources indicated that at least three teams with room, the Cavaliers, Bucks and Raptors, would not be making bids on Brand. The Suns and Hornets were contemplating making a bid, according to other league sources. But teams are leery of making bids if Brand doesn't want to play there.

Brand is hardly the player he once was, and his physical condition and poor play on defense make him more of a role player at this stage in his career. For a Suns team that is likely set to rebuild in the coming years, Brand doesn't make a ton of sense. And if he doesn't really have his heart into playing for Phoenix, it makes no sense to even consider pursuing him.

Brand averaged 11 points and 7.2 rebounds in 60 games last season with the 76ers.

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