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NBA Offseason Winners: Phoenix Suns, According To Dan LeBatard

So Dan LeBatard decided to name his early NBA offseason winner, and he had a very interesting winner up to this point that many Suns fans would probably wonder all about.

This might be considered "highly questionable" (get it?), there is some merit in what LeBatard is trying to say.

Although Dragic is no Nash, he's much younger and gives Phoenix a building block to work with over the next few years as they reconstruct their roster. The Suns will probably not be able to get lottery picks, as the Lakers are probably going to end up making the playoffs.

Still, the early offseason winner? After the Lakers are probably back into title consideration, the Heat snagged Ray Allen, the Celtics picked up Jason Terry, and the Thunder landed Hasheem Thabeet? (I'm joking about one of those). I think you'd be hard-pressed to find Suns fans who would agree, particularly if they can't hang onto Eric Gordon. There's a lot the Suns have to do before they can consider this offseason a success.

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