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Jared Dudley With Dan LeBatard: Talking LeBron James, Gambling And The Secret Fat Guy Inside

Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns was a guest on the ESPN show Dan LeBatard Is Highly Questionable on Wednesday. They talked about an array of topics, one of which was NOT Steve Nash and his departure to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dudley answered questions about LeBron James winning a championship (he thinks that the players throughout the league are happy for him).

They discussed at what point Dudley thought he could make it in the NBA (his junior year in high school)

What else?

On the subject of gambling, he tells us his take (he likes to keep his money) and what his limit is ($500). Since he was drafted by Michael Jordan, Lebatard asks about his gambling (Jordan has no limit)

What was his biggest obstacle to overcome? (academics, body type)

What is the annoying thing he does? He does cardio work after dinner every night.

LeBatard exclaims that there is a secret fat guy inside Dudley. Dudley's response? "I'm a fat kid at heart."

Watch the whole segment as shown on TV here:

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