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Steve Nash To ESPN: 'There's Really No True Loyalty In Sports'

Steve Nash is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. It still hurts if you are a fan of the Phoenix Suns. Not only did the team's most popular and arguable best player ever leave the team, he left to go to the team's most hated rival. But that deal is done and the Suns are moving forward.

Nash was on ESPN for an interview with Marc Stein and discussed what it will be like to play for the team he battled with for many years in Phoenix and about why he left.

He talked about how odd it will be, but he realized just how great a situation it was for him. And to be honest, it is great for him. He gets paid the amount and length of the contract he wants, he is in fact close to his kids and he gets to play for a team contending for a championship. Plus, he will no longer have to be first banana...or even second...or even third banana if he doesn't want to be.

That being said, knowing the Suns were moving in a different direction (meaning they never were going to give hims a three-year deal), he started thinking about his career and his family. And as tough as it would be to play against the Suns, he explains that "there's really no true loyalty in sports."

And he is right.

Teams dump players when they aren't at the top of their game. They do what is best for the team or the team's pocketbook. Player sentiment doesn't get in the way much.

As for winning a championship, as much as it means for a player to be part of a title-winning team, he refuses to let it define him. He says it will bother him some, but it won't be something that will ruin his life. That doesn't mean that he won't fight for it.

See the full video below.

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