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Steve Nash Rumors: Trail Blazers Reportedly Not A Suitor For Veteran Point Guard

The Steve Nash rumors around the league are really starting to heat up (did they ever cool down?) and we are starting to hear about potential suitors for the All-Star point guard. The Phoenix Suns have every intention of bringing Nash back to town to finish out the rest of his career, but they will get some serious competition from various teams.

In what should be some encouraging news for Suns fans, the Portland Trail Blazers are reportedly not interested in bringing Nash to town. Here's the latest from CSN Northwest:

Speaking of the free agency period, Steve Nash to Portland may not be an option with Olshey at the helm. He's not interesting in bringing in veterans for momentary success.

"I want to make it clear, we're not looking for quick fixes," Olshey said. "We're not looking for aging veterans that can slide us into the eighth spot and we're right back here a year from now trying to figure out what to do."

Portland is expected to have some cash to spend due to the departure of various players and have a need at point guard, so the news of them not pursuing Nash is a significant development. There are still plenty of potential landing spots for Nash around the league, but Phoenix surely can't be upset when others take themselves out of the running before he even hits free agency.

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