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Steve Nash Rumors: List Of Suitors Starts To Form

Even though Steve Nash isn't thinking about his basketball future yet, doesn't mean the rest of us haven't started.

Nash, along with the Brooklyn Nets' Deron Williams, are the premier point guards on the market this summer and the list of Nash suitors is starting to form, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

The Suns still hold onto hope that they might be able to bring back Nash, though it seems unlikely after that final curtain call game that concluded the season. At 38 years old, Nash could want that last chance at a ring and Phoenix is not the place to chase one.

Other teams linked to Nash are the Blazers, Raptors and Nets (if they lose Williams). And even though they will be short on cash to throw at Nash, the Knicks, Heat and Bulls have also been mentioned as potential suitors.

Nash could make the Blazers a title-contender with all the young talent already there but other than that, the Heat and Bulls are the only current contenders on the list. We'll learn what Nash truly wants out of his next signing based on where he decides to go.

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