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NBA Draft Grades: Phoenix Suns Earn High Marks With Kendall Marshall

The Phoenix Suns added a very promising young point guard at the 2012 NBA Draft, selecting Kendall Marshall out of North Carolina. Marshall, a lefty, averaged less than eight points a game last season, was among the nation's best while averaging nearly 10 assists a game.

There are a few concerns with Marshall, headlined by a jump shot that isn't very good. For Suns fans who have watched Steve Nash's sweet stroke for years, it'll take some time to get adjusted to the new point guard.

Most draft experts have given Phoenix high marks for their selection of Marshall, including SB Nation. Here was what our NBA editor, Tom Ziller, had to say about the Suns.

Drafted Kendall Marshall No. 13

If the Suns magically keep Steve Nash, Marshall could be one of the best back-up point guards in the league quickly. If the Suns lose Steve Nash, Marshall could sit on the fringes of the Point Guard Era conversation. Concerns about his foot speed are valid, but Phoenix is quite adept at playing with a matador at the point, and Marshall should be better than Nash defensively in total. GRADE: A

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