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Phoenix Suns Drafting PG Kendall Marshall Is A Passing Of The Torch

Read into this however you want, but the Phoenix Suns took Kendall Marshall with the No. 13 pick in the draft. From the sound of it Marshall was the pick from the beginning and the Suns are very happy with the pick.

What the team loves the most about the former North Carolina Tar Heel is his winning track record and attitude. Until Marshall went down with a wrist injury in the NCAA Tournament they were on a collision course with Kentucky in the National Title Game.

For those not too keen to Marshall's game, here is a quick scouting report.

At 6-4 he is a big, strong point guard. His ability to keep his head up and the dribble going is an NBA skill that few point guards' exhibit. The shooting stroke is there, but the shot did not fall down while in college. He will never be a great shooter, but can develop into a good spot-up three point shooter.

Time for the bad. Marshall is not an elite athlete or a consistent shooter today. That combination in today's NBA is tough. On defense Marshall is more instinctual than over the top athletic.

Lance Blanks and Dan Majerle (off camera) seemed very happy there guy fell to them:

Is this the right pick for the Suns at No. 13 Overall?