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Bill Simmons NBA Mock Draft 2012: Phoenix Suns Pick Jeremy Lamb

The 2012 NBA Draft is upon us, and the Phoenix Suns are going to have a decision on who to pick with their first rounder. The Suns have the 13th pick overall in the draft.

Bill Simmons and Chad Ford of Grantland releases his latest mock draft, and Connecticut wing Jeremy Lamb is the pick here. Simmons discusses why Lamb would be the pick for Phoenix.

They wanted a perimeter scorer — suddenly, only Jeremy Lamb is on the board, someone described by my dad yesterday as "Jeremy Lamb … is that the Lamb who always disappeared in big moments for UConn, or is that the other Lamb?" Sounds perfect for the Suns — they're not going to have any big moments for years to come. I'm picking Jeremy Lamb.

Ford adds the following details on Lamb and why he would be beneficial for the Suns or any basketball team for that matter if he's able to fulfill his potential.

Lamb has limitless talent. Long, athletic and can really shoot it. He looks sleepy and he plays sleepy sometimes. But I just think he was miscast in the leading role at UConn; I liked him much better when he played off Kemba Walker as a freshman. As long as you draft him knowing that, he's a good pick. And remember, we said virtually all the same things about Joe Johnson when he came out.

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Check out the SB Nation NBA Draft YouTube channel below for more scouting reports of each player and see if you'd be willing to subscribe to the videos.