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2012 NBA Draft: Is Dion Waiters Going To The Phoenix Suns? (VIDEO)

Syracuse guard Dion Waiters is seen as one of the hotter commodities in the NBA Draft this year, with a number of teams taking a long hard look at drafting him. One of those teams he has been linked with is the Phoenix Suns, and in this interview with Draft Express, Waiters talked about why he decided to stop having workouts with other teams, and an apparent 'promise' from the Suns. Waiters made sure to keep his answers rather concise and close to the chest.

Below is the interview in it's entirety, though Waiters hasn't had much to say aside from 'I don't know,' though that answer can go a long way sometimes:

Dion Waiters 2012 NBA Draft Media Day (via DraftExpress)

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