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NBA Mock Draft: Phoenix Suns Select Terrence Ross With 13th Pick

The Phoenix Suns are a franchise with plenty of uncertainty right now. The team would like to keep veteran point guard Steve Nash around, but his future remains in doubt as he looks to win that elusive world championship as his career winds down.

Other than Marcin Gortat there really aren't any post players on the roster who have a spot locked down, and the club doesn't appear too interested in the forwards expected to be available in the middle of the first round.

As the Suns keep their fingers crossed with Nash, it appears they're destined to add an off-guard or wing with the No. 13 pick of the 2012 NBA Draft. The latest mock draft from Draft Express has Phoenix adding Washington Huskies guard/wing Terrence Ross in the first round.

The Suns are in a serious transition phase, with many key roster pieces entering free agency, making it difficult to pinpoint just one area of need. Regardless of whether Steve Nash and Aaron Brooks return, their wing rotation could use a serious upgrade, which could make an athletic sharp-shooting prospect like Ross attractive here. Ross refused the Suns' overtures to visit and work out throughout the pre-draft process, but much like with Waiters in Golden State, it doesn't appear that that will prevent Phoenix from picking him here.

Ross has plenty of potential on the offensive end of the court, but his defense and lack of size may prevent him from becoming anything more than a shooter at the next level. At the end of the day though, he is one of the more promising prospects on the wing and the Suns could definitely use an upgrade at the position.

The 2012 NBA Draft is scheduled for June 28.

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