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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Phoenix Suns Take Terrence Ross In SB Nation Blogger Mock

So you've seen a multitude of mock drafts leading up to the 2012 NBA Draft later this week. Now check out this latest mock which has the SB Nation NBA bloggers making the picks for their team.

The Phoenix Suns are in a tough spot for a clearcut pick. At the 13th spot, there are no real favorites and plenty of mid-range possibilities halfway through the draft. Seth Pollack of Bright Side of the Sun makes the pick for the Phoenix Suns. Although Pollack identifies how much Phoenix needs a point guard, and it's Terrence Ross of the Washington Huskies that they go with.

The Phoenix Suns need a point guard regardless of where Steve Nash lays down on the sidelines while not in the game next season. They got burned by passing on Jrue Holliday, Darren Collison and Ty Lawson in favor of Earl Clark (and we won't mention the sold draft pick formerly known as Rajon Rondo) and they will likely get burned by passing on Kendall Mashall. But Terrrence Ross is too versatile to ignore. Defense. Shooting. Scoring. Upside. Everything Josh Childress is not. Point guard can wait until next year when the Suns have a higher pick.

Talk about how well Ross fits with Phoenix fans over at Bright Side of the Sun. Discuss Ross with Washington basketball fans by heading to UW Dawg Pound.

More coverage of the NBA can be found in the SB Nation NBA YouTube channel below and see if you'd want to subscribe.