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Steve Nash Says Money Will Be Factor In Free Agency

In what could be the final contract he ever signed, Steve Nash was beginning to seem like a popular choice for a player who takes a pay cut in order to have a better shot at winning a championship. With the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and Chicago Bulls all being those destinations, Nash told the New York Post that money will still pay a part in his decision.

"I definitely feel I want to be validated monetarily to an extent,'' Nash said. "It's still very important. I think money in many ways represents respect. For example, if you sign with a team and take half or less money, six months later they trade you. It has to be one of the factors. It's not everything but it is important and will be one of the factors involved."

Many teams are reporting interest in Nash including the Toronto Raptors, the Portland Trailblazers and the Brookyln Nets. The Suns of course are looking to keep Nash in Phoenix, and all four teams have the cap space to make Nash a respectable offer.

While Nash isn't committing to the money, he is also making it clear that there will be many factors that go into his decision. When asked about specifically playing for the Knicks on ESPN Radio, Nash responded, "You can turn down a ton of money for a team you think can win a championship and there's an injury and the chemistry isn't right and you're traded in six months. I have to put all the things into the hat.''