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Steve Nash Rumors: Free Agent PG Is Open To 'Every Team That Has Interest In Me'

Free Agent Steve Nash has been keeping himself busing playing soccer this summer with a pair of smaller clubs in New York City, but Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal managed to catch up with him recently to discuss his future in the NBA.

"I'm open to every team that has interest in me," he said. "I have to weigh it up with family, salary, environment, opportunity to win-all these different factors that are in a big pot, and figure out what's best."

"Maybe it will be Phoenix or another team that's kind of a project. Or maybe it's a team that's on the cusp."

Nash has spent his last 10 summers in the Big Apple, and when asked about playing for the Knicks, was very honest about that possible opportunity:

"I'm completely open to it," Nash said. "In some ways, it'd be great to play for the Knicks. I don't want to, you know, set off any alarm bells right now, but it'd be a great opportunity. It's a franchise I'd love to play for. It's a city I love, obviously, living here the last 10 summers...I would definitely consider it, if they had interest in me."

There is a lot of time left this summer for Nash to make any decisions. As for now, he's just enjoying the City, and of course, soccer.

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