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Deron Williams Rumors: Are The Suns A Viable Landing Spot?

Even if he won't admit it, Steve Nash is affecting the order of things during the annual summer trading bazaar that goes on between NBA teams during the offseason. One of the main attractions in this year's trade circus is Deron Williams, who according to ESPN's Chris Broussard might be a good fight with the Suns.

That leaves Phoenix. The weather and golf (Williams is a huge golf guy) is great, the offense is free-flowing (something Williams is definitely looking for) and with him, the team could be on the rise. While the Suns' first choice appears to be to re-sign Nash, the younger Williams is obviously a better option. I don't think the Suns could move ahead of Dallas on Williams' list, but they should not be completely discounted, either.

Something tells me that winning a championship is a bit higher on Williams' pecking order than golf and cacti, and with teams like Dallas eyeing his services and a litany of feasible sign-and-trades amongst playoff contenders Phoenix seems like a very, very long shot. Plus, the Dallas area has lots of nice golf courses for Williams to play in the offseason, and it's hot there too!

The ol' rumor mill keeps on keeping on.

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