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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Dion Waiters Selected By Phoenix Suns

With the 2012 NBA Mock draft so close I can almost taste it, the Phoenix Suns are salivating at the prospects they have to look over this season. Still, they have to try and fit their bill, and according to SB Nation's Tom Ziller and his latest NBA Mock draft, the Suns will be picking up Dion Waiters out of the

Here is Ziller with the commentary:

I'm still as astounded as you are that Dion Waiters got a lottery promise on the first day of the combine. But here we are.

Indeed we are. Many see Waiters as an overrated player, not worthy of his lottery round bidding. Still, there has to be some serious upside to him if he keeps showing up on all these mock drafts, right? Let's hope for the Suns he does.

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