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2012 NBA Draft Lottery Results: Suns Lock Up No. 13 Pick

Sitting towards the back of the pack in the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery, the Phoenix Suns had a very minuscule shot at moving up the draft order. Nevertheless, the Suns locked up the No .13 pick overall in the 2012 NBA draft, getting a very solid pick to add to their squad for next season.

Phoenix began in the No. 13 spot in the draft order heading into tonight, with only a 2.18 percent chance of moving up into the top three and 0.6 percent chance of moving into the No. 1 spot. Like I said before, minuscule.

With much of the Suns' offseason buzz surrounding the return or departure of Steve Nash, locking up a No. 13 draft pick will be the easy part for Phoenix's braintrust this summer.

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