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Phoenix Suns Trounce Minnesota Timberwolves, 114-90

The Minnesota Timberwolves suffered a lot of injuries this season and they now look like a team that can't wait for their offseason to begin. The Phoenix Suns are battling for a playoff spot in a tight Western Conference race and they look like a team battling for a playoff spot.

When the two opposing motivations met on Monday night, the "battling for a playoff spot" did much better than the "can't wait for their offseason to begin".

The story of the game was the Suns superior bench play and far more talented perimeter players.

Marcin Gortat and Channing Frye only scored a combined 13 points for the starting front line, but it didn't matter when Michael Redd (13 points), Shannon Brown (17 points) and rookie Markieff Morris (team-high 21 points) were getting the job done.

Typifying the lopsided win, the Suns shot over 57 percent from the field while holding the T-Wolves to just 39 percent. The bench for Phoenix outscored their hosts, 66 to 27. And with a tough road schedule ahead this week, Steve Nash only needed to play 26 stress-free minutes.

All around it was about as dominating win as you're likely to see from this team.

Next up, the hot Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday. Those bears should be ready for a fight.

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