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Phoenix Suns Player Thermometer, Week 15: More Wins And Unexpected Players Near The Top

The Phoenix Suns finished the week 4-1 to pull to two games above .500. They have a crucial week of road games this week and their playoff hopes just might rest on their performance in said games. As for now, let us, as we always do, look back at the performance of the individual players and rank them from hottest to nottest. The previous week's rank is in parentheses.

1. Steve Nash (1): Just when you start thinking that the long season might be getting to him, Nash proves that he's on top of his game. He has led the box score with the most assists of any player on either team for nine straight contests now, and this past week the 38-year-old hit two late shots to snag a much-needed win over the Utah Jazz. (Nikil Selvam)

2. Michael Redd (8): With the absence of Grant Hill, Michael Redd is seeing increased playing time. The veteren hasn't wasted it, as Redd averaged 18.25 points per game this week, and scored double figures in all four games he played in. Redd shot 9-22 from beyond the arc. In the month of April, Redd is averaging 16 points per game. (Ryan Bafoloukos)

3. Shannon Brown (3): Brown was really good for the week, capping his week with another stellar performance against his former team. He had 24 against the Lakers. I bet he wishes he could play against them every game. (Jess Root)

4. Marcin Gortat (2): Gortat wasn't the focus of the team's success this week, as he has tended to be for most of the season, but his play was anything but week. He averaged just over 10 rebounds a game, has 20 points against the Kings, and blocked four shots against the Lakers. His effort is generally consistent, even if his opportunities are not. (Justin Burning)

5. Jared Dudley (5): Dudley was ineffective against the Lakers on Saturday (only five points and two boards), but he has been filling in the offensive gaps for this team without Hill in the line-up. He averaged 14 points per game in the week's other three games, and he'll likely be called on to do more as the season heads into the final stretch. (NS)

6. Channing Frye (4): Channing Frye had a pretty consistent week for Phoenix. Frye averaged 13 points per game this week and recorded a double-double against Friday night in a loss to Denver. Frye was 0-7 from three against Sacramento; however, he shot 5-10 from beyond the arc the rest of the week. (RB)

7. Sebastian Telfair (9): While the week previouswas slightly down, Telfair was solid again prompting the speculation the he might just be the best backup PG the Suns have had with Nash here. The week was capped by a 13 point, seven assist night against the Lakers in 22 minutes. (JR)

8. Markieff Morris (12): The rookie's week was up and down. He had some success when given extended minutes, such as against the Lakers (13 points, five rebounds, two blocks) and Utah (11 points, four rebounds, three assists), but was also unproductive against the Nuggets and Kings. (JB)

9. Robin Lopez (6): Lopez was quiet this past week and didn't see too many minutes on the floor. Still, he continues to grab rebounds and contribute to the important second unit during key stretches of games. (NS)

10. Josh Childress (10): Childress scored eight points in four games this week. Although Childress averaged 15.5 minutes per game this week, he only was only 4-10 from the field this week. Childress did pull down 10 rebounds this week; however, he has not scored more than five points in a game since being placed back into the rotation after the injury to Grant Hill. (RB)

11. Hakim Warrick (7): Warrick found himself buried on the bench with a bunch of DNP-CD after 14 scoreless minutes against the Hornets. (JR)

12. Ronnie Price (11): Ronnie continues to find himself outside of Gentry's rotation. (JB)

13: Grant Hill (13): Hill did not play this week. (NS)

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