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Steve Nash As NBA Head Coach? Fans, Players Think So (Even If He Isn't Interested)

Sports Illustrated conducted an NBA players poll asking them what players would make the best head coach in the league, and point guards dominated the top. Derek Fisher, Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups and Steve Nash all were near the top.

Specifically, Nash was in third place with 10 percent of the vote behind Fisher and former teammate Kidd, who both nabbed 11 percent of the players' votes.

Fans were asked the same question on Facebook. Nash was the most popular answer. He took 37 percent of the Facebook votes, edging out Fisher, who had 36 percent.

Should this be surprising?

Not really.

Point guards are considered the field generals. They run plays and are typically the leaders of their team. That sort of thing translates well into coaching. It is much like how in baseball many managers were former catchers.

Nash would be a good coach...but there is one problem.

He really has no interest in doing it.

He is interested in entertainment and has a production company.

Suns broadcasters have noted how he is not interested. Nash appears to be the player that puts basketball behind him once he hangs it up. Of course, he wants to play at least three more years, so this isn't going to be any time soon anyway.

Fisher and Kidd? I can totally see them moving into coaching positions. But Nash? as good as he might be, I just can't see it.

And that is truly unfortunate for the league.

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