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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Phoenix Suns Select Dion Waiters

With the season now over for the Suns they are set to draft No. 13 Overall, that is, until the May 30th Draft Lottery shifts them up or down the board. As the team looks on at the 16 teams that made the playoffs they are assessing what they need to do make it back there next year.

In my most recent Mock Draft on (NDI) the Suns select Syracuse guard Dion Waiters. He adds an attacking scorer to potentially compliment Steve Nash. Waiters was one of the best thieves in college basketball last year and the best Sixth Man in the Nation.

His transition to playing on the bench or as a starter will be easier than most as he has been doing that for the past two seasons on one of the best teams in the Nation. Is perimeter play the best target for the Phoenix Suns?

A lot is still to change with the Chicago Combine along with individual team workouts. Over the next month and a half as the information starts coming together tune into SB Nation to get in-depth looks at each of the prospects the team may be targeting.

To learn more about Waiters with the Syracuse Orange fans, hit up Nunes Magician. To talk Waiters with Suns fans, check out Bright Side Of The Sun.