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Phoenix Suns Vs. San Antonio Spurs: Going Out With A Whimper

The Phoenix Suns season winds up with a final game against the San Antonio Spurs. The outcome is completely meaningless to both teams so don't expect much in the way of actual competition.


Tuesday afternoon it was entirely possible that this final game of the Phoenix Suns season would have monumental implications for at least one team. Instead, with the Suns losing to the Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs having locked up the top seed in the Western Conference this nationally televised game has less meaning than a preseason exhibition contest.

And yet, it will still be played and we will be there as will many Phoenix fans who may be saying their final farewell to Steve Nash. The two-time MVP is will be playing the final game of his current contract before becoming a highly-prized free agent in July.

Will he stay or will he go? There will be plenty of time for that question. For tonight, the question is, will he play or will he sit. Based on how he's looked on the court over the past few days, don't be surprised if Nash is announced as a starter and players for a couple of minutes before being lifted for the night. He's given his all to this team and city and doesn't need to put another minute on his elderly body in this meaningless game.

The Spurs also will likely use their stars sparingly, if at all, as they prepare for the postseason where many pick them to win it all.

Given the low stakes of this game, it's impossible to project who will start.

Projected Lineups:

  • Point guard: ?? vs. ??
  • Shooting guard: ?? vs. ??
  • Small forward: ?? vs. ??
  • Power forward: ?? vs. ??
  • Center: ?? vs. ??

Wednesday's game will tip off at 7:30 p.m. Phoenix time and will be televised nationally on ESPN and locally on Fox Sports Arizona. You can catch the radio broadcast on Arizona Sports 620.

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