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NBA Power Rankings: Bring On The Playoffs

The Phoenix Suns officially were bumped from playoff contention with a 100-88 loss to the Utah Jazz, who clinched the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. They now earn the right to get steamrolled by the hottest team in the league right now.

Now that all 16 teams for the NBA Playoffs are set let's hit this week's power rankings.

  1. San Antonio Spurs 48-16: Have won eight straight games. After starting the season 12-9 the Spurs are 36-7.
  1. Miami Heat 46-19: Kinda cruised to the finish line - time to see if they can turn it back on.'
  1. Chicago Bulls 48-16: The Bulls title hopes hinge on Derrick Rose's health, plain and simple.
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder 47-18: I'm a little bit down on the Thunder. Future still ridiculously bright, but I don't think it is there time yet.
  1. Memphis Grizzlies 40-25: I almost put them ahead of the Thunder and I think they have a better shot to make it to the Finals than the OKC, but I rewarded consistency across the regular season.
  1. Los Angeles Lakers 41-24: Will Kobe Bryant let Andrew Bynum do his thing in the playoffs or does Kobe go solo?
  1. Boston Celtics 38-27: Seth Pollack brought this up on the podcast...can they rebound well enough to get deep into the playoffs?
  1. Indiana Pacers 42-23: Time for them to flip Danny Granger into something after this season. Paul George, George Hill and Roy Hibbert are your cornerstones.
  1. New York Knicks 34-30: Carmelo Anthony has been the best player in the NBA the final month of the season.
  1. Los Angeles Clippers 40-25: Clippers lose in the first round in 5 games and hopefully Blake Griffin cries.

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