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Steve Nash Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns PG Will Not Request Trade

According to all public record, the Phoenix Suns have been hoping to keep Steve Nash around for the rest of this season and not deal him. The biggest question is whether Nash would be interested in requesting a deal with the Suns currently lagging behind in the race for the Western Conference Playoffs and try and finish the season with a team that has a better chance of competing for an NBA championship.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that the 38 year old Nash is not likely to make a move, and will stick with Phoenix at least through this season.

Steve Nash is said to be "pretty content" with staying with the Suns, but that's more due to his personality and "not wanting to be the bad guy" than his belief that he can finish his career on a winning note there, a person connected to the point guard said. "He'd like to go and win," the person said, "but he's not prepared to play the Carmelo [Anthony] card." It is believed that the Suns would respectfully try to honor a trade request if Nash made one, but it's not his style to ask out and he feels tremendous loyalty toward the organization.

What Nash will do this summer is anyone's guess--you have the feeling he'd like to try and make one last run for a championship, and it's increasingly unlikely it'll happen in Phoenix. But it doesn't look like he will ask out and instead leave when he no longer has an obligation to the organization.

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