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Steve Nash Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic Want Phoenix Suns PG

The Phoenix Suns have remained adamant they won't trade Steve Nash. But if they get a good offer for him, would they reconsider that decision?

The Orlando Magic are seriously looking for a second star to pair up with Dwight Howard to try and keep him when he becomes a free agent this summer. Getting a point guard like Nash might help, although it's still hard to see Phoenix wanting anyone from Orlando that could make up for the loss of Nash. Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reports that the Magic might not have the pieces yet.

That’s why the Magic will spend the next week and a half pursuing players like Steve Nash and Monta Ellis rather than weighing offers for Howard. The organization wants to bring in a second star to appease Howard, but that’s easier said than done given Orlando’s assets.

While the Magic would love to make a splashy move before March 15, the general consensus around the league is that they don’t have the trade chips to acquire a second star. The Magic have backed themselves into a corner after making poor personnel decisions and overpaying for players.

Their most attractive assets are Ryan Anderson, J.J. Redick, Jameer Nelson and Earl Clark, but those aren’t pieces that will yield a star player like Nash or Ellis in a trade. Unless they’re able to involve a third team, it’ll be difficult for them to add a significant piece prior to the deadline.

If the Magic want to get Nash, they probably need to involve a third team with better assets for the Suns to feel willing to part with their superstar guard.

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