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NBA Trade Rumors: ESPN Contributors Create Their Own Steve Nash Deals

Everyone seems to have an opinion on a Steve Nash trade that neither the Suns nor Nash have said they want to complete. Nonetheless, ESPN put together one of their 5-on-5 commentaries with J.A. Adande (, D.J. Foster (Clipper Blog), Brett Koremenos (HoopSpeak), John Krolik (Cavs: The Blog) and Royce Young (Daily Thunder) to put together deals they think the Suns should make before the deadline. Not surprisingly, they all include Nash.

Here they are:

Adande: Nash to the Hawks for Al Horford.

Foster: Nash to the Blazers for Raymond Felton and Nicolas Batum.

Koremenos: Nash to the Blazers for Felton, Elliot Williams and Portland's second-round pick

Krolik: three-team trade with the Magic giving up Jameer Nelson and J.J. Redick to the Warriors, who give up Monta Ellis to the Suns, who give Steve Nash to the Magic.

Young: Nash to the Magic for J.J. Redick, Ryan Anderson and Jason Richardson.

Adande's gets the best singular talent in return. Foster's gets the most intriguing talent in Batum. Koremenos' doesn't even look fair on NBA2K12. Krolik's nets you Ellis who could average 35 on the current Suns since nobody else can score. Young's is safe but doesn't do much.

All in all, trading Nash isn't going to be pretty either way you look at it from the Suns end. But for some team looking to get over the hump, Nash could be the perfect final piece. Let the deadline continue to get closer...