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NBA Power Rankings: The Suns Are Sticking To Their Guns

The Phoenix Suns have made a decision and you have to give them their props for sticking to it. As much as the Steve Nash trade rumors will persist until the NBA Trade Deadline, unless Nash initiates it, the Suns will not trade the face of the franchise and will try to make the playoffs with the current squad.

Good for them.

It's not like the Suns are a terrible team, they just aren't a great one. But look at the recent results and you can see why there is optimism within the NBA Power Rankings about the Suns' near future.

Tom Ziller of SB Nation put the thought out that maybe, just maybe, the Suns could sneak into the playoffs and gives his own kudos to the team for not giving up. He also ranks them at no. 20.

Marc Stein of ESPN has the Suns at no. 19 and pointed out how well the Suns have played recently with wins in five of their last six and even some 100-point games that have become so rare in Phoenix after years of those types of performances coming on the regular.