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Steve Nash Responds To Rumors, Extends Comments About Future With Suns

Thursday was a busy day in Steve Nash Land. After several national media appearances, headlines were flying proclaiming that Nash was interested in offers from the Miami Heat and that he wouldn't return to the Suns unless they improved the team. There was even a story in the NY Post that Nash was "steamed" about the Suns not signing Boris Diaw after he was released from the Charlotte Bobcats.

After practice on Friday, Nash answered questions and spoke more about his statements.

As for the report about being very upset about Diaw not coming back to the Suns, Nash said he hadn't heard that, "Oh really? That's the first I heard of it. Obviously, I'd love to have Boris (Diaw) on the team but, um, I never talked to anybody in New York. I'm happy. We've got ourselves a chance to make the playoffs. We've overachieved this far, frankly, and we always want more."

That rumor came out of the blue from a media source who's track record for accuracy has been less than stellar.

Nash did, however, stand by what he told Dan Patrick about wanting to see the Suns improve the roster.

"I think everybody wants to win and wants to improve. We're a team in transition so I thought everybody knew that we're waiting for the summer to improve the team," Nash said.

He would specifically want the Suns to find a "20-point a game scorer" or "go-to guy" but recognized that might not be possible in the up-coming free agent market.

"If not,we're going to have to try and do it by committee and try and sign as good of players as we can. That's why the club has made this summer, the summer where they've created cap space and flexibility."

Asked if he would definitely return to the Suns if they did make those moves to improve the team, Nash left the door open for all possibilities.

"We'll see. Like I said, I'm just keeping all my options open. I want to try and get in the playoffs here and have these last 15 games go our way. I really don't think about it much. At this point I want us to try and do the best we can in these 15 games. We'll worry about that after the season."

In the end, Nash didn't say anything out of line or unusual. He wants to see the team get better and he's going to keep his options open. If that surprises anyone, they've not been paying enough attention.

It does set up an interesting summer for the Suns who have over $26m in cap space and can afford to pay Nash far more than any of the contending teams who are right at, or in most cases, over the luxury tax line. But that's nothing new either.

Here's video of Nash's comments:

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