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Steve Nash On Dan Patrick Show: 'I Could Be Back For Sure'

Many folks have begun to speculate what Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash's next move will be in his professional basketball career, to keep on keeping on or to hang 'em up as one of the legends to play the game.

Nash joined the Dan Patrick Show recently to discuss such matters, as well as all the trade deadline rumors. Make the jump to see for yourself.

Nash noted that despite all the hooplah that surrounded him at th deadline, this offseason could be more eventful, but would like to stick around if possible:

"I could be back for sure," Nash said, "but that will be more interesting than the trade deadline."

Nash noted the importance of the Suns to improve the pieces around him to become a contender once again. He also mentioned he hasn't talked to Dirk Nowitzki about going to Dallas but he'd certainly listen if the Miami Heat called. Nash seems to think the Suns are trying to get better:

Per Paul Coro on Twitter:

It certainly looks like Phoenix will have some work to do if they want to woo Nash enough to remain with the Suns as the aging guard wants the taste of winning back on his lips before he hangs them up for good. Hopefully they can give him that.

Full audio of the interview here. Nash was also on the B.S. Report today.

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