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Do You, Suns Fan, Not Like Robert Sarver? At Least You Aren't A Golden State Warriors Fan

Over the past few years, many Phoenix Suns fans have expressed disgust and even hate for Robert Sarver, the team's owner. He has been called cheap, hard to work with and has been accused of running players and executives out of town. While some of the criticism is definitely warranted, based on decisions made the ensuing results, but we should take a moment to give ourselves some perspective.

Things aren't nearly as bad as they could be. We all could be fans of the Golden State Warriors.

The stage is set. One of the team's best and most popular players is set to have his number retired. That would be Chris Mullin. You would think that this would be a proud moment, one for a ton of cheering. In this case, it was for raucous booing, but not for Mullin.

It was for team owner Joe Lacob.

Catch the video here.

Why were they booing the owner? Because of a couple of things.

First of all, he recently went and traded (in what was really a surprise for a lot of people) Monta Ellis, who has been the most popular player on the team and almost the only reason to cheer and watch a Warriors game in recent history. He was traded for center Andrew Bogut, who will probably not play again this season. They already are without Stephen Curry, who is also out with an injury.

So the tank job is officially on. And as much as some fans think the idea of a tank job is good, no one likes watching it.

Another reason is the rumor that Lacob is trying to move the team from Oakland to San Francisco.

Fans don't like their favorite player being traded, their team looking like crap or having their team taken from them. In essence, that is what they see Lacob doing.

As for Sarver, while he let Amare Stoudemire go, he did try to keep him. He didn't trade Steve Nash. He is not moving the team. He is trying in his way to improve the team now and in the future.

Suns fans, while you don't have to like what Sarver has done, do note that you aren't in the worst of situations.

It could be worse. You could be a Warriors fan.

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