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NBA Power Rankings: The Miami Heat Finally Fall

The Golden State Warriors retired Chris Mullin's jersey at halftime of their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves Monday night. A fascinating scene broke out when the crowd started to boo owner Joe Lacob as he began to speak.

Rick Barry and Mullin came to his defense. I know Golden State has struggled for a long time, but I'm not exactly sure what triggered this considering he just recently bought the team. Felt bad for the guy. Onto this week's top ten...

  1. Chicago Bulls 38-10: Since Wednesday the Bulls have beaten the Heat, 76ers and Magic all without Derrick Rose. Had no choice, but to put them at #1.
  1. Miami Heat 33-11: Honestly didn't think they would leave the #1 position the rest of the season. It is now a true debate over who is the best team in basketball between them and the Bulls.
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder 34-11: March has been a mediocre month for the Thunder's standards going just 6-4. Stretches like this happen across an NBA season and I don't see any reason to panic.
  1. San Antonio Spurs 29-14: They beat the Magic and Thunder, but lost to the Mavericks. They have three games left against the Lakers which could end up deciding the #2 seed in the West.
  1. Los Angeles Lakers 28-17: Los Angeles has been a dominant home team this season going 19-3 at Staples. Adding Ramon Sessions should help solidify the point guard position.
  1. Orlando Magic 29-18: Every time I think the Magic are getting ready to take a step forward as a team, they remind you they won't end up living to their potential. Orlando scored 59, that's right 59 points against the Bulls on Monday. If I wanted to see crap like that I would turn on the NCAA Tournament.
  1. Memphis Grizzlies 25-18: Zach Randolph has returned from injury, but is being brought along slowly by head coach Lionel Hollins. He came off the bench in both games only playing 24 and 25 minutes. Z-Bo was right back to his effective self scoring 25 with nine boards and 13 and nine.
  1. Dallas Mavericks 27-20: It's been a weird up and down season for the defending champs. They are in the midst of a four-game winning steak and demolished the Denver Nuggets Monday night.
  1. Philadelphia 76ers 26-20: Jrue Holiday's last two games have been impressive. If he can sustain throughout the rest of the season it would be a big boost to the 76ers offense.
  1. Los Angeles Clippers 26-18: Struggled to beat a fading Houston Rockets team and needed OT to beat the Pistons at home. Detroit has really struggled on the road this season even though they have been playing better ball lately.