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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Steve Nash Will Not Be Dealt At Trade Deadline, According To Report

It's time to celebrate, Phoenix Suns fans, because veteran All-Star point guard Steve Nash will not be traded before the 3 p.m. ET trade deadline on Thursday, according to a source. The Suns had been involved in various trade rumors over the last few weeks with so many teams interested in Nash, but it appears that the team will keep him through the 2012 season and attempt to re-sign him in the summer.

This is great news for the Suns and the organization can now look to improve their club with other deals as they attempt to claim one of the final playoff spots in the Western Conference. It also should keep attendance numbers relatively high, especially with many fans threatening to leave the team should they trade their beloved point guard.

The 2012 trade deadline is less than two hours away and the next few hours should be very interesting. Will the Suns make a move? They already set a pretty strong tone by not dealing Nash, who would have fetched numerous pieces for the future.

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