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Suns Ticket Prices Not Going Up, Many To Drop

As is the case with struggling teams that also don't draw well, the Phoenix Suns announced that there will be no increases in ticket prices. It will be the fourth straight year without an increase.

In fact, season ticket prices are being reduced for more than 35% of the seats at US Airways Center, including seats in the upper, lower and club level seating. The Suns are also expanding their $10 seating option so that 33% of the upper concourse seating is priced at an average of $10 per game.

While this is a noble gesture to some, it is pure and simple. They can't raise prices. The team is not good. They have not big draw. People aren't excited about the team. Lowering prices is what struggling teams do. They don't do it for fun. They do it because they have to.

To be honest, while it prices some fans out, if the team were in a place that warranted increases, the vast majority of fans would be happy because the team would be winning. And they would be willing to pay more.

So while this is good news to many, it isn't really good news. It is just the cold reality of the state of the Suns.